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Zumindest die Wolken (At least the clouds)

Nuremberg (Germany)

“I’ve always wondered what lay outside of man’s power to alter our planet. Which things cannot be exploited and only left as is. What cannot be enslaved or reformed. Man can already shape the flow of water, the sea, the coasts, the plains, the hills, even the mountains and anything in his way, like forests. The slow agony of a forest. To clear space for a highway, a forest does not die suddenly, like animals. No. It dies off slowly, day after day, excavator after excavator.

So, what can still be saved? The clouds.

Man still hasn’t managed to alter them. Clouds are clever, clouds are free, they will not be modified, they will not be captured.

I hope that man will not engage in this activity. I hope that he will save… at least the clouds.”

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